Home Structure


Sri Ramesh Gaarment has an excellent garment production unit which is well designed with ample workspace, adequate natural lighting and extensive ventilations. Our in-house garment production facility is well equipped with latest state of the art machinery in fabric cutting, fusing, sewing, finishing & packing, resulting in better quality & higher efficiency in productivity. Every style is time & method engineered to improve productivity & achieve delivery deadlines.


It has a complimentary knitting unit equipped with wide range of fabrics machines. This includes various knitting types like Jersey, Rib, Interlock and auto striper.


SRG has a facility to manufacture its own elastic. This is done through imported machine.


Fabric cutting that ensures the desired styles has been perfected with the use of computerized Lectra CAD markers.
We have installed Lay cutting machines with automatic spreader that are highly advanced in our production unit. To avoid angle variations in shape, we use effective band knife cutting machines.A separate squad is appointed to monitor the quality of fabric as soon as the fabric is inhoused.


Production process is attended with earnest care. The textile is fabricated into finished clothes proposing customer comfort. Right from the scratch, we embody the feel and physical characteristic into the product, facilitating smooth finish.


Before packaging of gaarment must be check out. It is so much important before buying whatever the garment is made by exporter or other foreign countries. The manufactured gaarment are checked by our skilled workers. They make sure the quality of the gaarment is satisfactory and meets the international standards.


We have carved a niche, carefully sticking to our upgraded needle detection policy. Our needle detector machines are capable of detecting very minute needle lodgings. We perform double-check out, through the products - once after ironing and once again before shipment