sustaining a good social atmosphere in Sri Ramesh gaarment . We promote social accountability programs at times, creating awareness among the employees. As a social accountability measure, we stick to SA 8000:2008 certified systems. Furthermore, we are a SEDEX member too.


NO CHILD LABOURS Desiring an educated future, we venture to eradicate illiteracy

OCCASIONAL TOURS Pleasedly cheering our employees, we arrange for tours once in a year

ESI & PF SCHEMES Assisting our employees through all possible schemes

ABLE HR ENTITY Functioning effectively enables the employees with an ease surrounding.

EMPLOYEE COMMITTEES We encourage internal committees still abiding 'Unity in diversity' motto

ENTERTAINMENT & GAMING We endorse in frequent amusement of gaming, crafting Creativity

We actively recruit, employ and train all sorts of personnel from the local population, providing employment to more than 250 families. Primo observes a fair business practice, sticking to by-the-book labor law, proving to be an equal opportunity employment organization. We are confident about our sound business strategies and we tilt towards the current fashion scenario, pleasing our customers perceptive. We involve in various activities as a measure to protect and shield our environment from various pollutional hazards. Primo aims to protect the surrounding, through all possible means.


AGAINST PLASTICS As an environmental protective measure we avoid using plastics

WASTE MANAGEMENT We try to recycle the waste, preserving the ecology traits.

WATER TREATMENT Primo conserve water resource by optimizing the water utility

PROTECTING FROM PESTS We extend an untainted protection against the pest

AVOIDING HARMFUL CHEMICALS As a precaution we at any cost, avoid the usage of harmful chemicals.

EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT We provide education for our employee's children.

DISEASE AWARENESS We promote diseases awareness and preventive measures.

TREE PLANTATION As a green revolution, we practice tree plantation program.