Our good organizational structure is the key for our success and which keeps us growing in the competitive world. Our latest technology and machinery has enabled us to deliver quality gaarment to our customers on committed time at competitive price. Within our business knitting, dyeing, Compacting, cutting, sewing, checking and Packing all happen in the company's facilities in Tirupur. Since from the day one of it’s founding the company has been and developing into one of the most competent and professionally well equipped organization.

Multi branded Products

In a short span the company has amazed vast experience in the field of export of high quality apparels of knitted / woven fabrics. Priyaa Knit Faabs is one such company with rich heritage in the gaarment field. Priyaa Knit Faabs have a portfolio of prestigious brands serving a wide range of Buyers all over the world. We constantly develop new products and services while continually seeking targeted product ranges to better anticipate customers’ expectations and meet their demands. Active in fashion Priyaa Knit Faabs brings together a range of international and multi branded Products.

Quality & Excellence

Ramesh gaarment to surmount the garment industry, with laudable and quality garment products. With a vision to platform a single-root solution forever, we work in accordance with the fast-pacing current fashion and trends of the clothing world.

We manufacture high fashion and trendy gaarment with utmost care and concern, charging up to the benchmark of excellence.

At present the total turnover per annum exceeds one hundred and fifty million rupees, we plan to amplify it as five hundred million rupees per annum.